A to Zebra Wall Art 18"Wx1.5"Dx24"H

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The zebras drinking water wall art shows a herd of zebras drinking water. For a close-up shot of the zebra drinking water, refer to the zebra water mirror reflections wall art. We have two wall arts featuring the head shot of the animal, the zebra profile wall art and the close-up on zebra’s head wall art. The image featured on the two zebras standing side-by-side wall art shows the animals embracing each other. If you want to customize the wall art with an image you took, send it to us.

The couple of zebras wall art illustrates two zebras drawn on a white surface with black and spotty patterns over it. The zebra in safari ramat-gan wall art shows a zoomed in shot of the animal’s head with the trees in the background. The herd of zebras galloping wall arts features several zebras running at full speed.

Custom Zebra Wall Art from VisionBedding

Product ID 15936
Dimensions W31.5" x D1.5" x H31.5"
Key Features
  • Modern zebra wall art
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Bold contrasting appearance
  • Elegant Style
  • Excellent Craftsmanship
  • Unique Design
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    The zebra head wall art shows a zoomed in image of a herd on a black background. The zebras with mouths open wall art depict two zebras interacting with each other on the grassy plains. The zebra detail wall art displays the stunning black and white striped coat of the animal. The adult and juvenile zebra wall art depicts two zebras minding their own business.