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Coaster Southern Country Plantation Porch Rocker/Rocking Chair, Oak Wood Finish


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These days, Cracker Barrel restaurant chains worldwide remain the Hinkle family’s loyal customers and ordered hundreds thousands of wooden rocking chairs to cope with the continuing grow demands from their customers worldwide.

It is difficult to resist wood when we come to choose our outdoor furniture. It just looks so natural. Wooden rocking chairs go together with wooden porches, decks and a lawn, surrounded by trees, like they just grew from the earth. And there are so many types of wood to choose from: pine, cypress, ash, cedar, , teak, you name it and you will find a wooden rocking chair made of it. Wooden rockers are popular not only because of their natural looks. They last a long time, because wood is durable and resilient; they come in hundreds of styles because wood is so easy to work with; and they are extremely comfortable, because wood breathes and adjusts to our bodies. Some woods are more sustainable than others, so it is always best to choose a wooden rocking chair made of a homegrown wood. Wood has another great advantage: if you get tired of the way your wooden rocking chair looks like, wood is easy to paint.

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They were putting 2 wooden rocking chairs made by Hinkle family in their porch. People get noticed by the presence of these chairs on Cracker Barrel restaurant and start to love the idea behind the chair. That’s when Cracker Barrel rocking chairs come alive.

More than 100 years ago, the pioneers of Hinkle family business turn into making their (later to be well known product) rocking chair. They cater for their customer’s order, happens to be Cracker Barrel, a restaurant located in Lebanon, Tennessee, which was initially ordered wooden rocking chair from Hinkle family to bring the comfort of home to their restaurant’s visitors and customers.