1971 Vintage Fisher Price Toys FP Play Family School #923

Fisher Price Classic Record Player


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HERE you will find Classic, Vintage Fisher Price toys from the 1960's through mid-1990's. Fueled by children's imaginations and made in the U.S.A., these Vintage Fisher Price toys represent some of the best toys ever created for preschool-aged children. Incorporating bright, bold colors, sturdy materials, engaging play themes, and child-activated special features, these toys from the past are now ready to inspire current and future generations of preschool children.

Another great seller of Vintage Fisher Price toys is my close friend, Judy. All of her toys are meticulously cleaned and in outstanding condition. I can recommend her without reservation. You may find her at: or at her booth on Bonanza: .

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  • Heidi Jo 4 years ago

    I’m pretty crazy obsessed too. The detail on the vintage Fisher Price toys is awesome. They are so much cuter and better made than the current ones. I scored a huge bundle of Little People with a school, a house, a bus, a wind-up carousel and all sorts of Little People and accessories off of Craigslist last year for $50 last year (that school, bus, and fire truck were in our stash). I was so excited and my daughter had a little toddler heart attack when we set them all up like a town in the living room so that she saw them first thing the next morning. I suppose we could have waited till her birthday or Christmas but they were too awesome to wait. I also have that Chime Ball from a garage sale and a few other random things. I really want the record player! I think that’s next on my wishlist. I found a site a while ago that lists all the vintage Fisher Price toys and it was too much for me to take. There are way more amazing things out there than we even realize. Good luck on eBay! Definitely check Craiglist daily. That’s what I did for a long time and then my day finally came. I hope you find some treasures!

  • Judy's Vintage Fisher Price Toys

    When Fisher-Price brought out their , mamas jumped at the chance to introduce their tots to updated versions of the classic toys they played with as kids. The modernized sets brought back serene memories for many moms, but they didn't quite have the same feel as the originals. For those looking to recreate their childhood experiences for their own lil ones, take a step into , an Etsy retailer with an incredibly vast collection of vintage Fisher Price toys (both from the Little People collection and not) that appear to be in great condition. From the classic family camper ($45) and airport ($100) play sets to the adorable circus train ($35), the sets may cost a bit more than they did in the '60s and '70s, but the satisfaction that both mom and child will experience may be worth the extra expense!

    There are many vintage Fisher Price toys that . Surprisingly, there are many people who still have the toys from their childhood, boxes and all! As a person who grew up in a Queens, New York apartment, outgrown things were given to others, donated, or tossed. Those who still have their childhood memories also have money waiting to be earned.