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AspenTek Us Led Power Supply Adapter with on Off Switch for Led Rigid Bar, Led Strip Light, Under Cabinet Lighting,Output 12V DC, 2A Max, 24 Watt Max


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USA LED is an authorized distributor of the Energize CT C&I upstream program that enables commercial customers of CL&P and United Illuminating to purchase approved screw-in at a price of $5.00 each. This includes PAR38, PAR30, PAR20, BR40, BR30, BR20, MR16, GU10, and A19 Energy Star certified LED lamp types. Click here to find more information on the Click to download our brochure

You buy with confidence. Our customers save money for years. USA LED Solutions offers lighting that needs virtually no care or attention for up to 50,000 hours. That is over 10 years at 12 hours use per day. Now that’s exceptional! Install USA LED lights now and stop unnecessary spending on high energy costs. Your money belongs in your bank!

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  • 3. US LED's zero maintenance L-Grid2 2'x2' LED Lighting Troffer Fixture is the industry's best interior LED Light.
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    Using LED lighting in your home or business is now as easy as flipping a switch and so is saving your money, time and the environment. USA LED replacement bulbs fit your existing fixtures and can reduce your lighting energy costs up to 80% or more. What’s more, all our products are completely guaranteed and risk free.

    Because LED lighting systems don’t radiate heat the way an incandescent or halogen light bulb does, the heat produced from the power going into the product must be drawn away from the LEDs. This is usually done with a heat sink, which is a passive device that absorbs the heat produced and dissipates it into the surrounding environment. This keeps LEDs from overheating and burning out. Thermal management is probably the single most important factor in the successful performance of an LED product over its lifetime because the higher the temperature at which the LEDs are operated, the more quickly the light will degrade, and the shorter the useful life will be.