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uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game


uKloo will get your kids reading. It’s as simple as that.

The company's first product, uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt (MSRP $15.95 for two or more players ages 4 and up) is a series of sight word clues that lead the child to claim the final prize. There's even a picture helper poster to help the child when they get stuck. In late 2013, uKloo Kids, responded to the consumer demand for a next-step game that would help kids reach even higher reading levels. Dotto explains, "They were also looking for a more advanced game for emerging readers, and also ways to include older siblings who wanted to join the treasure hunt fun." uKloo Riddle Edition Treasure Hunt Game (MSRP $17.95 for two or more players ages 7 and up) was recently released is an engaging seek-and-find literacy game that combines thinking skills with physically active fun. It encourages kids to call upon their logic and reasoning abilities to solve riddles towards finding a surprise. The game also offers a Riddle Writing Guide, which encourages parents and children to challenge each other with their own riddles.

uKloo Kids has both of its treasure hunt themed games ready for sale in specialty retail stores nationwide and throughout Canada, as well as through major distributors, Best of Best Toys, Lion Rampant, Continuum Games and online at Amazon and directly at

There are lots of wonderful things about UKLOO:

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    "uKloo games are designed as a seek-and-find activity that offer kids and families early literacy and brain boosting problem solving fun. At Eastertime or anytime, everyone loves a good hunt," Doreen Dotto, president of uKloo Kids, said. "As children play uKloo, they embark on a journey to solve the clues to find their surprise (or Easter basket!). It is a delight to watch as kids gain reading confidence while they are motivated to use reasoning skills to solve the clues."

    uKloo Kids, Inc. is a children's literacy game developer based in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2010 by Doreen Dotto, the firm's first product, uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt Game earned 11 prestigious awards and is now sold in 20 countries. Recently, uKloo Kids launched two new products: the uKloo Early Reader Treasure Hunt App and uKloo Riddle Edition Treasure Hunt Game. uKloo products have also been tested and approved for special needs children. For further information, visit the company website at and to interact with the company directly, see our social links on , and