Are you looking for a fun and super cute tricycle for toddlers?

Bugatrike Toddler Foldable Trike (Blue)

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Double Seat Tricycle for Toddlers

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Kids love toys that let them get around — and scooters, ride-on toys, and trikes for toddlers certainly fit the bill as some of the best toys for (at least once your toddler has mastered walking). While you may feel the urge to run alongside the first few times your tyke takes off, remind yourself that letting her hit the road — or rather the sidewalk — has real benefits beyond that gorgeous grin on her face. For starters, this type of boosts large motor skills. It also instills a love of physical activity and helps flourish. Use this guide to get your toddler rolling with the right set of wheels.

Blue Walker 2 seats No Pedals Trike for Toddlers

Radio Flyer Classic Red Trike for Toddlers

We purchased a red tricycle for my toddler this past weekend. I was especially excited about the first purchase because my older daughter with special needs missed that milestone. She missed a number of milestones because of her multi-disability diagnosis. At birth she was diagnosed with deafness and global developmental delay. She was unable to sit up, crawl, or walk for a long time. At the age of five she was diagnosed with autism. Thankfully, she reached those milestones in her own time. Unlike our toddler, at 2.5 years old our oldest daughter was barely standing, let alone able to ride a tricycle.

The best tricycles for toddlers are the most durable, heavy duty ones, that will fit them at least for a few years.
Many parents love to buy their little ones those ‘smart trikes’, that actually ‘grow’ with the kids…
I also love the cool Italtrikes, which are beautiful and very unique toddler tricycles made in Italy!