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When I was young I was a frequent visitor of the store Toys R Us, which I now remember as having almost whole halves of the store divided between girls’ toys and boys’ toys. I would wander over to the girl area on autopilot, and it never even occurred to me that I might enjoy building legos or riding a skateboard. I think a large part of this was because of what I saw in the commercials, which showed girls playing with Barbies and Polly Pockets, and boys playing with Super-Soakers and nerf guns. These commercials reinforce gender ideologies in the minds of boys and girls, which in turn shape their self-identities.

Laurel Wider is the CEO of Wonder Crew, a company of “crewmates” or toys for boys that combine the “adventure of an action figure plus the emotional connection of the favorite stuffed animal. In short, dolls inspired by boys.” Now before you stop reading and recoil from the two words put together — dolls and boys — consider what doll play does for girls.

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Boys' toys from Kmart offer fun adventures for your little guy

The best space toys for boys and girls of all ages, don’t just teach the names of planets and stars, they inspire the imagination. This selection of space toys do just that for boys and girls. They are durable enough for the most adventurous of imaginations and rowdiest of boys. They make great gifts too.

Best Toys for Boys Under $50 that you can buy that won't leave them disappointed. Remember the days when $50 could buy you amazing presents for your kids and now you're lucky to get to one? Times have changed drastically but there are still some great deals around. If you want to find the best toys for boys under $50 for a Birthday or Christmas this selection is sure to please.