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In April, a British Twitter user shared a confounding video of his son’s toy train tracks, which appeared to show one track growing and shrinking depending on where he placed it. This is called and has to do with the way the brain interprets curved segments.

These carbide-tipped bits let you create classic wooden toy train tracks, similar to the expensive store-bought track. Cut enough track and the bits will pay for themselves, but the funnest part is getting creative and inventing track elements that nobody has ever seen before! Interesting Y-junctures and intersections, bridges and hills—it's all up to your imagination.

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Keystone Wood Toys, Inc (Keystone Mfg Co.) article by Dave Pecota

A very early producer of wooden toy train and track sets was Keystone Wood Toys, part of the Keystone Mfg Company of Boston, MA.

From approximately 1922 to 1965, Keystone was known primarily for its movie cameras and projectors … and its line of high-quality, pressed steel toy cars, trucks, airplanes and ride-on toys.  However, Keystone actually made a variety of toys including doll houses, garages, fire stations, military forts and other buildings … wooden boats … plastic vehicles … and the Tot Railroad play set shown here.

This particular train set probably dates from the late 1940’s.  Note the rather quaint box art.  Also shown are some of the nicely detailed wood buildings that Keystone made to accompany their train sets. 

Keystone’s colorful trains are made from hardwood and are finished with smooth, glossy paint.  The train couplers are single-piece metal hooks that run through a cavity beneath each car, and are retained in place by thick metal axles.  The wheels are also hardwood.

The tan plastic track is durable and very easy to clean.  But the track connector design … with its triangular shape … allows virtually no “play” in the connection joints.  As a result, the track provides only limited flexibility in layout configuration.  Although the trains will fit on any Brio-sized track … the track itself does not appear to be compatible with any other known manufacturer’s track.

Keystone reportedly ceased making toys in Boston around 1958, and the movie equipment portion of the company was bought by Berkey Photo in 1965.

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This video - of a father shuffling around his son's toy train tracks - has bewildered the internet. Can you figure out what's causing the optical illusion?

Staying with Granny and Grandpa – we are out in the Australian bush – so this weeks toy train track is over a bush bridge crossing in the garden. It’s a smaller track but lots of fun to be outdoors with our toy train sets. Our little Brio engine chugged over the bridge with a little help from Keira and Hayden. Our little ikea train sets have certainly seen a lot of different locations now!