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A set of circa-1915 Baltimore-made toy electric trains, wrapped in brittle newspapers and stored away for the past 40 years, could be bid up to the cost of a new Ford Explorer when sold today at a local auction house.

The first electric toy trains appeared around 1899/1900 and were probably of German origin. Because few homes have electricity at this time, these trains were powered by a battery. The battery of the "wet cell" in use at that time was messy and dangerous, but the trains were still popular. Joshua Lionel Cowen - a name most people will remember, was the first documented American to a toy electric train to build. The year was 1901, and was designed to be used by traders as an animated display of a shop window. It was just a train - a motorized cable car. When he saw people playing with the thing, he realized his potential, and as they say "a star is born."

MTH ELECTRIC TRAINS Model trains that do more

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