Thomas and Emily's Relationship

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Principal Hatt: Deary beloved, we are gathered here today to join together Thomas and Emily in holy wedlock. If there are those who object to this wedding, speak now.

It was a beautiful evening on the island of sodor. Thomas and Emily had been going out for a while. But tonight, Thomas wanted this date to be very special. Tonight was the night he was going to ask Emily to marry him. Thomas was in the shower when Percy came up.

Thomas and Emily - What If (Kate Winslet)

  • Thomas told Percy his secret about being in love with Emily
  • In Episode 17 Emily found a love note in her desk signed TB
  • Thomas save Emily from Rosie going crazy, and finish his date and had sex with Emily
  • Thomas tried to make James think what he is thinking and James said he was thinking of Emily. Then Thomas ask him how, then James said You like Emily.
  • Thomas and Emily was walking down Henry Forest at night alone while Percy, James, Gordon, Diesel, Edward, Toby, Henry, Diesel 10, Splatter, Dodge, Molly, Duck, Oliver, Mavis, Daisy, and Donald & Douglas at the campgrounds. But Rosie and Spencer try to scare then through the forest and Thomas had comfort her from whoever in the forest.
  • Thomas had took both of Emily's shoes she didn't like and threw it at Spencer and Rosie. Then Thomas carried Emily back to the campground and gave Emily his shoes to wear.
  • While everybody was asleep Emily and Thomas sneak out of the tent and stared at the moon shining then Emily fell asleep in Thomas' arms then Thomas had a extra tent in his backpack and set it up and he and Emily slept in there.
  • Thomas had gave Emily new shoes the next day, and put his name on the front and back


Thomas and Emily had a deep long kiss. Rosie was taken away. The wedding went off with a bang, and The cake was tasty. Thomas and Emily went on their honeymoon. But it wasn't the end. Daisy finally told Percy she liked him. James popped the question to Molly and Murdoch finally left them alone. Toby ran away from Mavis while Diesel chased him with a sledge hammer. And Lady and Proteus knew this wasn't over.

Then they vanished. As for Diesel 10. He thought he was too cool for this special. So he stayed home and watched Adam Sandler movies with Splodge. Thomas and Emily were happy. Now they could always be together. And soon they would have children. But that's another story.