Thomas the train video I made with my nephew for his birthday

Fisher-Price Thomas the Train: Take-n-Play Hiro


Delaware 2016 Thomas The Train Rides

While the history of Thomas the train is interesting, this section looks to highlight the "real life" tank engine which is featured at tourist railroads and museums as special events all across the United States, and other countries, during the operating season. Thomas the tank engine is also travels around the world to allow visitors, kids especially, to view and sometimes ride behind replica versions of the locomotive. Thomas the train himself in this regard is licensed by HiT Entertainment, which acquired Allcroft's company (Britt Allcroft Company PLC), and has become an explosively popular draw wherever he goes, especially here in the United States.

Our Little boy just turned 2 and his favorite thing is Thomas the train he carries him around everywhere he goes lol never leaves home with out his Thomas choo choo would love to bring to theDay out with Thomas

Florida 2016 Thomas The Train Rides

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Georgia 2016 Thomas The Train Rides

Thomas The Train, also affectionately known as Thomas the tank engine, has been a pop culture icon since the late 1970s with the TV series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. The television series, written and produced by Britt Allcroft, is actually based off the The Railway Series of books written by Englishmen Wilbert Awdry and his son in the 1940s. Thomas himself is based from a real steam locomotive design, the E2 Class, an 0-6-0T ("T" referred to tank) wheel arrangement conceived by Lawson Billinton of the early 20th century.

my 3 1/2 year old son is obsessed with Thomas the train. I would love to take him to this event.
he sleeps with Thomas trains every night. seeing Thomas in real life right in front of him,I know we would all have a blast.