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    Green Toys Garden Puzzle$32.99
  • […] The Learning Journey $25 Gift Card Giveaway – 7/14 […]

    A learning journey (like the one below) is a visual representation of what students can expect to encounter during a lesson. I actually got the idea from @learningspy (please check out his blog for lots of great ideas!). The general idea is that it shows students a route to where they need to get to by the end of a lesson. I began using this last term and embedded it into all my lessons. Students were a bit weary at first but eventually it led to students coming into my room, congregating around the whiteboard looking at the learning journey and then questions about the lesson started to trickle through. I’ve also used it as a starter – “Look at the learning journey on the board, you have 2 minutes to construct a question about today’s lesson…” This has prompted good classroom discussions leading into the next step of the learning journey.

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