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is I bought these for my 2nd child as we were still using our original monitor in our 1st child's room. Not one problem after 8 months of use. I liked the sleek design and the price. We just wanted the basics. The part I keep by my bed is not too bright AT ALL. I was worried based on other's reviews, and it is no problem at all. It's a soft blue glow. There is a constant, quiet "white noise" background noise which I worried about at first but I can hear my son breathing over it. It's no biggie. I thought it would cover up his noises but it doesn't at all. My husband and I did some practice runs with it and you can hear a pin drop. It's not a keep you up at night noise in my opinion but I do sleep with a fan on so if you are sensitive maybe it'll bother you. There is no static or interference. My son has a tracheostomy and a feeding tube and I trust him in another room with this monitor. That should speak volumes. This monitor does exactly what it is supposed to. It's great. online Summer Infant Slim and Secure Digital Audio Monitor Dual Receiver For parents looking for a audio only monitor that provides superior quality and reception there's the Summer Infant Simply Clear Digital Audio Monitor. It has all the basic features an audio monitor with a sleek, modern design.

Reviews Summer Infant Slim and Secure Digital Audio Monitor Dual benefit : This monitor works great! We only use it in our home, so we haven't tested out the long distances. But it is great in our home. There were a lot of complaints in other reviews about how the blue light is too bright on the receiver part. This hasn't bothered us. It is quite bright, but then we don't have to turn on a light to find our way out of our room.

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    Reviews Summer Infant Slim and Secure Digital Audio Monitor Dual I have had a great experience with this monitor. We kept one receiver in our bedroom, and one in the living room downstairs. We have a fairly small house and have not had to move around any peices, so no comment on the battery life (although the few times I have unplugged them, they lasted for the length I needed.)We also were gifted a fancy-pants video monitor that is now tucked away in a drawer somewhere. The static and interference on that one drove us crazy.I really like:- The sound. You can hear a pin drop (if you want) or you can be a few rooms away and with the volume way up, hear it fine.- The light indicator. If you DONT want to hear a pin (or an elephant drop) the light indicator is perfect.- Reliability. Still going strong after two + years