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I swear I was a desperade young lady who needed to squirt so bad. Did a lot of research from the internet & learned from it too. I am only 17 years old and I am a power squirter. Even if I’m in the mood or not. I can squirt for 12x in one day. You just need to learn your body and I swear aughhh it feels soooo gooood.

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    I have just starter to explor this squirting thing. One time I thougt I pee my self, so I quicley retrieved my self and thout: What the h… Was that? And that was just under a regular missionary position.
    Now we have tried to make me squirte. But I only get this intense orgasm feeling and it just going on and on as long as I want. don’t seems to stop. But no squirting. It only gets very wet. And the intens feeling is so intens that I have been thinking that I might be becurs I have trouble to relax properly. Almost overwhelming to handle.
    What is wrong?

    Now not all women will squirt, but a lot will. I’ve only had one girl who couldn’t squirt and I did everything correctly. You should feel the vaginal wall tighten and put pressure on your fingers, this means you’ve done the job well.