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Splatter painting belongs to abstract expressionism and was founded by the famous Jackson Pollock, who was called by the Time magazine ‘Jack the Dripper’. A distinguishing feature of abstract art is that it totally ignores the appearance of a material object or at most retains its minimal identity, while it projects the inherent and intrinsic quality of something. It is on this account that abstract art is sometimes also known as non-figurative art. A splatter painting is not merely the outcome of an accident; it is created by the artist with both deliberate and unplanned actions. Many factors, such as the movement of the artist, the absorption by the canvas, the rheology of the paint, the effect of the gravity, the distance of the application, the type of the applicant, and the force of the application, matter in the development of a splatter painting. A single drip or splatter speaks a lot more than one might think. A splatter the color of blood, for example, depicts a of trauma, with bright blood showing a recent incident while red mixed with a little black shows old blood.

There are lots of ways to splatter paint onto paper. Here I show you five different methods which all give different results. All of them are messy, though some more than others. This is such a fun activity and an easy way to produce some brilliant paintings.

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    Symphony in Blue is a famous splatter painting created in 1958 by the famous American painter Samuel Lewis Francis. It is a gouache and watercolor on paper measuring 68.6 cm by 100 cm. Blue, white, yellow, black, and brown are used in the painting, with blue dominating and brown only in traces. The upper half is predominantly blue while the lower half is dominated by white. Francis was injured during test flight maneuvers while he was serving in the US Air Force. An artist friend David Park visited him in the hospital and it was after his visit that Francis started painting.

    I had fun experimenting with various splatter painting techniques each one giving very different results. Make sure the kids are wearing old clothes as the paint will go everywhere.