Here is my review of the Angry Birds Space Softee Dough from CraZArt.

Cra-Z-Art Super Rainbow Softee Dough Color Pack Set (30-Piece)


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All things considered, we found Softee Dough to be the superior product. It holds its shape better than Play-Doh and does not break apart as easily. Our major concern with Play-Doh is that it is messy. Play with Play-Doh and you’ll find little pieces of it all over, not to mention you’ll have to clean out your fingernails afterward. Play-Doh may be the more popular product and may have a storied history, but Softee Dough is our modeling dough of choice.

The set is fun and kids will like being able to mold their own Angry Birds. However, using different colors of Softee Dough inside the molds was difficult, as colors would mix and not stay in their desired places. We liked using solid colors instead and it made for a nicer experience.


  • Cra-Z-Art Cra-Z-Fun 4 Pak Softee Dough
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  • Here is my review of the Angry Birds Space Softee Dough from CraZArt.

    Overall, the kids had fun with the Softee Dough. We prefer the Angry Birds Space Softee Dough set, as it contains molded plastic pieces that can be inserted into the dough...much more kid friendly. For clay sculptures, Sculpey polymer clay would be recommended.

    Cute #SofteeDough creations for kids to make. The perfect indoor activity for kids! Who doesn't love a beautiful colorful caterpillar? #butterfly #spring craft ideas