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But if it requires more adjustments to make certain land features stand out, I may decline. First, I'm trying to give more realism to the Island of Sodor, and not necessarily trying to provide yet another realistic UK map. As it is now, part of the Furness peninsula no longer exists in the UK Second, I'm not at all knowledgeable about UK geography and topography, mostly learning as I go.

The other major change is that I took a closer look at the Furness Peninsula on a real map (well, Google Maps) and saw that there is a Vicarstown which sits on the western edge of the sea, across from Barrows-in-Furness. Looking at all of the maps drawn, almost all of them appear to have Vicarstown, the Isle of Walney and Morecambe Bay as a part of Sodor. It's interesting that Rev. Awdry's original maps (and most of them descended) would actually have the Isle as the eastern coast of Sodor. So, I have stuck true to the original maps here and have merged the Isle as part of Sodor, which saves a little space.

Map of Sodor as imagined by WV Awdry

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Lol i havent played it my sself but it looks great.

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1958: First published map of Sodor

One thing that is apparent once you play the heightmap is that Sodor right now doesn't appear on the same height scale as Man. There's 13 height levels on Man, and only eight on Sodor. There are also three mountain peaks on Sodor according to the original maps, which wern't quite exactly showing up. In this test heightmap I have now given them peaks from height level 15 down to 6, which looks okay but not great. According to a scale on the Edwards III map that I'm using, each height level on the map is approximately 200 feet, while I believe OpenTTD's scale is 50 feet. I may compromise and make height levels represent 100 feet instead of 200, which would use up all of the height levels available int he came and give some better contour. But I may have to take some liberties in how those intermediate contours are shaped.

To compensate, once I get my own Island of Sodor 2048x2048 scenario finished, I will work on a 4096x4096 map that will include Sodor, Isle of Man and England, playable on OpenTTD versions that support the larger map sizes.