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A commercial, and in some respects a social doubt has been started within the last year or two, whether or not it is right to discuss so openly the security or insecurity of locks. Many well-meaning persons suppose that the discussion respecting the means for baffling the supposed safety of locks offers a premium for dishonesty, by showing others how to be dishonest. This is a fallacy. Rogues are very keen in their profession, and know already much more than we can teach them respecting their several kinds of roguery.

Rogues knew a good deal about lock-picking long before locksmiths discussed it among themselves, as they have lately done. If a lock, let it have been made in whatever country, or by whatever maker, is not so inviolable as it has hitherto been deemed to be, surely it is to the interest of honest persons to know this fact, because the dishonest are tolerably certain to apply the knowledge practically;and the spread of the knowledge is necessary to give fair play to those who might suffer by ignorance.

It cannot be too earnestly urged that an acquaintance with real facts will, in the end, be better for all parties. Some time ago, when the reading public was alarmed at being told how London milk is adulterated, timid persons deprecated the exposure, on the plea that it would give instructions in the art of adulterating milk; a vain fear, milkmen knew all about it before, whether they practiced it or not; and the exposure only taught purchasers the necessity of a little scrutiny and caution, leaving them to obey this necessity or not, as they pleased.

Keeping guards and locks in place are basic safety measures. Safety guards keep fingers and limbs from falling into dangerous contact with saws and rollers. Safety locks keep machines powered off so they don’t turn on inadvertently.

Child safety locks are an important piece of any childproofing plan

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Four distinct series of safety padlocks function in virtually any lockout environment.
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Use Child-Safety Locks To Keep Kids Safer in Car By Kristin Varela

Second, I’ve activated the overhead bin safety locks. Yes, this plane is equipped with locking overhead bins. That’s because should we have to evacuate in an emergency, I know that some of you will open the bins and slide down the chutes with your roller boards. This is a very, very bad idea. Leave everything except your body and children. The bins will be unlocked when we are safely at the gate.

Child safety locks are built into the rear doors of most to prevent rear seat passengers from opening the doors both during transit and while the vehicle is stationary; vehicles have been built with this feature since the early 1980s. They provide the vehicle driver with a simple, safe & secure method to prevent unauthorized exit from the car. Although called a child lock it is equally effective for adult passengers.