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Rubik Puzzle was developed to let you play with a Rubik's Cube on a computer. A big advantage over the real thing is that if you make a mistake, you can restore the cube to the solved state with a click without having to take the cube apart and rebuild it! :)

When you launch Rubik Puzzle you see a display of all sides of a Rubik's Cube. The Front is in the center, the other sides are as marked; the Back side in the upper left is viewed from the inside of the cube. An isometric view of the cube is shown at the window's top right, showing the Top, Left and Front sides.

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  • 1 Who is Erno Rubik?
  • 2 What is a permutation puzzle?
  • 3 Types of Rubik Puzzle
    • 3.1 Cubes
    • 3.2 Snake
    • 3.3 Magic
    • 3.4 Clock
  • 4 Solutions
    • 4.1 Cubes
    • 4.2 Clock
  • 5 Speedsolving
  • 6 Tuning
  • 7 Creating puzzles

Grubiks - Online Puzzles, Rubik's Cube Solver

Rubik Puzzle is $10 shareware. You can try Rubik Puzzle in Demo Mode for ten minutes per launch after which time the app will close. After registration, this limitation is removed.

an original Rubiks Puzzle aka ZigZag Puzzle. It comes in its original box showing some age wear. (German Edition). The Puzzle is solved, on the backside the pieces are marked to find the solution. Please see the The box has moderate edgewear. It was produced by Arxon under license of IDEAL TOY CROP.