Title: Rosie Takes the Train (2010)

Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Rosie


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WHAT THE FUCK. This is all because… Rosie’s train brothers are dead? First of all, fuck you Trainmaster64 for writing 3,600 words about Rosie the train trying to forget personal tragedy through oral sex. Second of all, fuck you for writing about Rosie’s train family being dead in the first place. YOU’VE JUST WRITTEN ABOUT TWO PRESCHOOL TV SHOW TRAINS SUCKING EACH OTHER OFF. YOU DO NOT GET TO PRETEND THERE’S SOME SORT OF PATHOS IN THIS HORRIBLE ABORTION OF A STORY YOU FUCKING MANIAC.

The child wanted a chu-chu train cake, the parents wanted something like thomas the train but more girl like, They decided on Rosie the train. Rosie is rice crispy treats covered in MMF. The cake Rosie is sitting on is Vanilla and Chocolate cake with BC frosting and Fondant accents

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the train but more girl like, They decided on Rosie the train

During an autumn storm, Thomas was supposed to deliver a train to High Farm. Rosie wanted to help, but Thomas left on his own. Rosie followed him down the line, so Thomas decided to take the shorter, more dangerous route, thinking that Rosie would not follow him. Thomas ended up trapped in an avalanche, but was thankful to see Rosie going by on the other line. Rosie took the train to High Farm, and then brought back the farmer's daughter Alice, who thanked Thomas.