Above is a wood rocking chair. Photo is credited to this .

Stork Craft Hoop Glider and Ottoman Set, Cherry/Beige

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There was a small theme that ran through the movie about rocking chairs that really interested me though. You see, Mel’s character is trying to build a rocking chair, and he just can’t seem to get it right. Every time he gets it put together and goes to sit in it, it falls to pieces. This frustrates him to no end. Everywhere he goes, he keeps seeing these rocking chairs and he’s testing them out, studying them, trying to figure out where he is screwing it up. There is this great scene where he is about to parlay with the enemy general, and he doesn’t even notice him come into the room because he is too busy playing around with his rocking chair.

As with all our elegant Beech range, our rocking chair has been treated with a warm wax finish helping the Beech Slat Rocking Chair to retain its natural charm for many years.

Above is a wood rocking chair. Photo is credited to this .

Above is a teak cushioned rocking chair. Photo is credited to this .

What traditional house would be complete without a rocking chair? The Beech Slat Rocking Chair brings a touch of the countryside into your idyllic home – providing a perfect place to relax. The natural design of the chair provides ergonomic support for your back. Sit down with comfort after a long day and unwind with the Beech Slat Rocking Chair.

I had never noticed rocking chairs before this movie, but now I find myself amazed at how elegant they really are. They have to be able to hold the weight of a person from so many different angles, constantly in motion, and yet with just a few spindles to support this. It’s really some rather impressive engineering.