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Princess Craft RV in Round Rock, TX specializes in Truck Campers, Light Weight Camping Trailers, parts, accessories and top-notch service. At Princess Craft you'll find a low …

Fantastic! There are some other RV dealerships in the area. At all I've visited, the salesmen aggressively descend from the moment your tires hit the parking lot. Princess Craft is MUCH more relaxed. They will be there immediately if you need something, but it is low-stress. And everyone needs lower stress, right?

I actually went in to see what parts and accessories they had. The answer is - a lot. While not Camping World, I was pleasantly surprised. At the counter, Kurt went above and beyond to find additional parts for me back in the shop, and made me a very good deal.

Based on my experiences so far (2 visits), I would highly recommend.

Princess Craft RV is an RV dealership in Round Rock, Texas

Dear Kathy

Just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful pages you offer on your site. As a grandmother with 9 grandchildren (7 girls who always need the prettiest, and 2 boys who always have to have the meanest and toughest) it was a life saver (and money saver) by joining Princess Crafts. When I find the time needless to say I am in heaven when I go to your site and find just what I am looking for. Prettiest, meanest and toughest around. :-)

Thank you again

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I bought a trailer from Princess Craft and it was a great experience, in fact it was my second trailer from them.
After having the second trailer for 15 months, I found out it had a manufacturing defect. The axle had been placed in the wrong position. PJ the owner, talked to the company and got them to cover the repairs at no cost for me. This was after the 12 month warranty had expired.
Great people to work with.

At the beginning of April of this year my husband and I bought a new pull camper trailer from Princess Craft. The staff was friendly and knowledgable. I feel like they sold us everything that they could but hopefully this was to help us( as this was the first time we had purchased a travel camper ) and not just for the money. I would have given Princess Craft a good review except that we are now having problems with the repair department.
My husband took our camper back to Princess Craft on April 18th after we had a blowout on one of the tires that resulted in a small amount of damage on the frame under the camper. He was told then that the repair department was very busy but that the repair techs would get to our camper by the end of the week. It is now May 13th and we still do not have a repaired camper nor any word from Princess Craft.
My husband has called and spoken with Brandon (lead repair tech.) twice since it been in the shop. My husband was given excuses and told that he would be called later in the day with an update. We never got a call back and have heard nothing. This is very unprofessional. I understand that the repair shop may be busy with summer coming up but our camper has been in the shop for almost one month and we are getting no information or updates.
It seems like now that we purchased our $30,000 camper Princess Craft is done with us. This is very disappointing especially since I looked up their ratings before we decided to buy from them. I'm happy that other people are pleased and having no problems with Princess Craft but obviously there are people out there that aren't getting the great service or even fair service.
At this time I have to give Princess Craft one star and I would not recommend this dealership to anyone. It is May 13th and my husband is driving to the dealership because we can't get anyone to call us back and give of any information on our camper, Debra