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During a round, the pokeno caller begins by randomly drawing a playing card from the standard deck of 52 cards. When the card is called out, players mark the corresponding box on their pokeno cards.

Pokeno can also be played using Blackjack rules. With these rules, the pokeno caller has his own pokeno card. He deals playing cards until he has five symbols in a row on his card. After this, any players who also have five in a row on their pokeno cards and have a higher poker hand than the dealer win the game. If no one can win the game, then the dealer wins.

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Players start by purchasing any number of pokeno cards. Players can purchase as many cards as they like from the pokeno caller. If you use a pokeno card during a round, it cannot be used in the next round unless otherwise noted.

Pokeno is a casino game that is a mixture of two other casino games: poker and keno. Like keno, the game relies on randomly drawn symbols, which the players mark on their pokeno cards (cards with rows and columns of symbols). However, the symbols used for pokeno are playing card symbols, which allows players to create poker hands on their keno cards.