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The Catch Phrase slots game is produced by Endemol. Endemol are one of the smaller slot development companies on the market at the moment and do not offer their own casino platform. Instead they lease their games out to casinos using other platforms. Endemol do not publish their slots house edge information. However some casinos offering their games do publish this information. When playing Catch Phrase at a casino that does not publish this information, the figures in this review should be treated as a guideline only – we cannot confirm whether this game is configurable.

How to Play: Distribute printed Finish Mommy's Phrase game cards among your baby shower part guests along with a pen or pencil for each of the guests and also give one card and pen to mom-to-be. Guests and mom-to-be will have to finish all the phrases. The guest who has completed most of the phrases in the same way as mom-to-be has written those will be the winner of this game.

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    New and never played with Electronic Catch Phrase game by Hasbro. There is some wear to packaging from storage.
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    This tool provides an easy way to create and print your own cards for the Catch Phrase board game. You will not be able to play without previously purchasing the game, but once you have it you can make cards with any topics you want.

    Get your team to guess any way possible. Shout it, sing it, dance, or just make faces to get your team to guess the word or phrase on the screen. It's great fun for a big group, or a small get-together. You can feel the excitement and energy as the timer ticks down to the final seconds, as you get your team to guess what's on the screen. But don't panic. Do your best to get your friends to say the correct word or phrase, pass the unit, and the pressure is off…until your turn comes around again. You'll want to play this Catch Phrase Decades game over and over again.