Phoenix 4.65 Reventon Pro Scooter Deck Specs:

PHOENIX - 4 Size Adjustable Junior Skate 2016 , Black/Silver Flash, 1 to 4 Adjustable


Announcing Phoenix 4.8 released

We are pleased to announce the latest update for the Phoenix 4 software (version 4.20) is now available!
Please follow the link to the area.
In addition, Pangolin has decided that this update, and any future updates, are now FREE of charge for all Phoenix clients.
As many of you may know, Phoenix GmbH is now a division of Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc., and since the start of this great cooperation, there has been ongoing development on the Phoenix software platform, to help further stabilize the software, and make it even more user friendly.

Haven’t you ever dreamt of sitting at the bar, holding an iced drink in your hand and operating your Phoenix4 Live laser show via iPhone or iPad? Activating the fog machines and silver screens as you like it?

Announcing Phoenix 4.7 release with ACID transaction support

  • Phoenix 4.4.0+
  • Spark 1.3.0+ (ensure phoenix-client JAR is in the Spark driver classpath, see setup guide )

New optimization for time series data in Apache Phoenix 4.6

We bought a new Wynnster Phoenix 4 last year for an absolute bargain of £120.00. We looked at all the market leaders and finally decided on this one because it had everything we were looking for; 4 berth with 2 separate bedrooms, large living area for all of our gear, a built in groundsheet, large porch over the front door, and of course the price! Our first trip away was to Brompton on Swale where it rained and rained and rained (the River Swale actually burst its banks within 12 hours). The rain was coming down horizontally and the tent only let in a few drops of water on the groundsheet which came in through the slit where the electric hookup is inserted. There was no water anywhere else. This year our first trip was to West Ayton, North Yorkshire up on top of a hill, where again it rained and rained and rained. This time not a drop of water came into the tent. It has a very spacious living area, big enough for our table, chairs, kitchen, kids toys, portapotti, heater, everything really and is a good height.

Take a deep breath – it’s all possible with the new PHOENIX4 iOS control option! All functions, including switching between scanner, DMX controlling, etc. can be operated interactively via iPhone or iPad. Just connect iPhone and iPad via WLAN to the computer / notebook. With just a few configuration step your iOS devices will be ready for use.