The four PediaCare items involved in the recall are:

Pediacare Infants (2-3 yrs) Acetaminophen Fever Reducer Pain Releiver, Non Staining Cherry, 2 Fluid Oz


The following PediaCare products were involved in this recall:

When I found out about PediaCare’s new product, I immediately thought it was just fantastic. No more having to travel with a bottle of medicine and a sticky cup. No more worries about overdosing. No trying to get a squirmy child to force drink from a little cup. Seriously, Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?

PediaCare® Single Dose contains the accurate dose for just one treatment and is available in two sizes. The 7.5 mL packet is for children 36-47 lbs. or ages 4-5, and a 10 mL packet is for children 48-59 lbs. or ages 6-8. PediaCare® Single Dose is specially designed for little mouths to make taking medicine less intimidating, and the squeezable packet helps eliminate spills and creates less mess than a dosing cup. Each packet is child resistant with a fold-and- tear opening process. Caregivers then simply squeeze the medicine from the packet directly into the child’s mouth, similar to the squeezable yogurt and pureed fruit products to which most children have become accustomed.

The four PediaCare items involved in the recall are:

  • Pediacare is a one of my favorite brands. i love their cough medicine

  • I would use from PediaCare the Gentle Vapors® Plug-In Unit & Refills.

    One of the Mommies brought up the myth that if your child has a high temperature and a fever, should you give them an ice bath? Dr. David Hill, MD, FAAP is the Vice President of Cape Fear Pediatrics in Wilmington, NC and the author of " target="_blank">Dad to Dad: Parenting Like A Pro, did this short video for PediaCare addressing this very thing:

    (Best Syndication News) - There has been a new recall announced for Blacksmith Brands PediaCare brand products as a precautionary measure. This updated children's medicine recall for 2010 was announced along with the guidance of the US Food and Drug Administration. This is a voluntary recall that includes four of their PediaCare cold medicines. They are asking consumers to stop using the recalled PediaCare products. You can contact them to get a coupon to replace the product for free when they become available again. The products were manufactured by McNeil Consumer Healthcare for Blacksmith Brands. McNeil had recently announced a recall for their Children's Tylenol and Motrin, and other branded products and these PediaCare products were made at the same factory that had tiny particles found in the other medicine brands.