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Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Swivel Stick, 0.5 Ounce (Pack of 3)


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I love lipbalms I have several on the go at once they all end up in different bags and coat pockets and I always find when I go out I can't find one so I end up buying a new one.

I got this in Superdrug for £1.89. The packaging has changed from the old style tube in the picture above. The lip balm now comes in a much chunkier tube which is oval shaped.

Palmers cocoa butter lip balm contains cocoa butter as well as vitamin E which provides deep moisturisation and hydration for dry and chapped lips. The formula also contains SPF 15 to protect your lip from the damaging effects of the sun.

The lip balm has a pale yellowy colour. Immediately when you open it you can smell the cocoa butter which reminds me of chocolate. The balm is thick and feels nice when applied to your lips, it leaves a nice layer on them giving them a subtle sheen and in this cold weather we have been having of late it also provided immediate relief to my lips which have been sore and dry. This lip balm is long lasting so I only need to reapply it every few hours or so. A few hours after applying I can still feel it on my lips. I also like the shape of the tube because it is oval it is a good shape to smooth on with ease.

I would recommend this balm it smells lovely and it also tastes nice slightly chocolatey with a hint of vanilla. It is great value and a tube is long lasting.

As I am someone who enjoys being outdoors, even in cold weather, chapped lips are an ever present hazard; or they WERE before I discovered Palmers Cocoa Butter Lip Balm.

This little (4g) stick is a convenient size to slip into a handbag or pocket as it's no bigger than a standard lipstick. The lid gives a satisfying snap as it goes on and it stays on, so no nasty surprises with fluff on the end.

The texture is silky smooth and it actually glides onto the lips. Although it has that familiar cocoa butter smell, and the colour is the same as cocoa butter, the taste is so subtle you hardly notice.

The screw device at the bottom of the tube is easy to twist, ensuring that you can always get at the balm.

The vitamin E helps to provide plenty of moisture and the SPF 15 makes it a good choice for holidays, especially abroad.

Some lip balms can make your mouth feel greasy but this just made my lips feel fully moisturised. The effect was instant. It's long staying power means you don't need to reapply every 5 minutes, which makes it good value for money.

I've found that since I started using it I don't actually need to apply it so often as my lips seem to retain moisture better now.

Another thing is that although I get a healthy sheen to my lips I don't look like I'm wearing 'make up' (some lip balms can give your lips a rosy tint) so it's very suitable for men to wear without people giving them odd looks.

I'd definitely recommend this product to friends or family, or indeed anyone who asked my opinion.

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    I love lip balms. It's fair to say its an addiction. I have a growing collection that manages to work its way into every handbag I own. I also have a staple good quality moisturising lip balm next to my bed which I apply every night and morning (when I remember). The Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Lip Balm is at the top of my collection and has this prime position. The reason, its the best for the job.

    This lip balm looks a little different to others on the market, mainly because of its shape. Rather than being your usual cylinder shaped tube, its more of an oval base. This means that, with use, the lip balm has gone a bit of a funny shape because of the way I use it, but I don't feel like this is a disadvantage at all, in fact, it simply makes it unique and a little more interesting. And there's nothing wrong with being unique.

    When you apply it, it feels soft and smooth to apply. After applying, if your lips are dry, you feel a slight tingling sensation in your lips. I always like this feeling as I know the product is working, and Palmers have the right balance of slight tingle to let you know its there rather than searing pain like you've burst your lip of some other products (okay maybe I exaggerate).

    So how out of pocket will you be for this top quality, works well, smells great, favorite lip balm? A whole £1.50. £1 if you're lucky enough to spot it in a bargain store or Poundland like I did. Overall, a wonderful product. And for such a good price, I cannot fault it.

    Palmers Cocoa Butter Moisturising Lip Balm is a convenient balm with SPF 15 and Vitamin E. It also is handy for when your on the go because it is small and compact.