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New Super Luigi U Review for Wii U

Then again, in many ways New Super Luigi U seems to be missing the point of what has made Mario games so beloved for so long. At their best, Mario games are always showing off something new; New Super Luigi U is a faster, more hectic ride through things we've seen before. This was supposed to be Luigi's big chance for the spotlight, but he's once again settled for playing second fiddle to his brother's adventures.New Super Luigi U was reviewed using a downloadable copy purchased by Polygon. You can read more about Polygon's ethics policy .

New Super Luigi U Game Review for the Nintendo Wii U! Luigi has gone solo again, this time to save the Mushroom Kingdom! But, is this DLC any good?

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New Super Luigi U
Developed by: Nintendo EAD
Published by: Nintendo
Price: $19.99 on Wii U Eshop (needs NSMBU to play)
Metacritic 81/100
Kwing's score 8/10 Must BUY!

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