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Nintendo is giving us a heavy dose of Mario, but can you really blame them? Mario games sell millions of copies. New Super Mario Bros. U will launch for the Wii U, which will very likely have the new system flying off the shelves this holiday season. Sure, the gameplay is familiar, but it's still fun to play. Graphics are much crisper and the backgrounds are much more detailed. Just check out that above screenshot going for the Vincent van Gogh "Starry Night" look. New Super Mario Bros 2 will launch for the 3DS on Aug. 19, and the long-awaited Paper Mario: Sticker Star will release this holiday for the handheld as well.

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    No shocker at all, New Super Mario Bros. U will bring much more familiar 2D gameplay, with this game utilizing the Wii U tablet controller. It's pretty much what you would expect from this franchise, only it'll be more socially active online. Graphics look sharper, including the backgrounds.

    The 3DS got a little tease, but will mostly be discussed during a special conference Wednesday. We saw looks at Paper Mario: Sticker Star, New Super Mario Bros. 2, and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. The heavily rumored bigger 3DS version was not mentioned.