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Introducing new action figures from Preacher, the hit AMC series based on the cult classic Vertigo comic! The series follows a Texas preacher named Jesse Custer, who is inhabited by a mysterious entity that causes him to develop a highly unusual power: the ability to make people do his bidding with just a word. The […]

Happy Wednesday, DC Collectors! As you know, today is new comic book day, but around here, it’s also the day for new action figures as well. Yesterday, , the newest action figure in our DC Comics – The New 52 line. So which great New 52 super hero or villain will follow in Hawkman’s footsteps? Er, airstream…er…

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    From Lionsgate Studios and Saban, the Power Rangers reboot is the beginning of what could be another successful franchise. Of course this depends on how well the film performs with critics, long-time fans, new generations of fans, and as always the box office. However, most fans are still on the fence about the reboot and anxiously awaiting the first trailer to get a better sense of what’s to come. At least we already know the new action figures are up to par.

    Today may be one of those days where we just pick a topic and RUN with it. That’s pretty easy to do when the topic is DC Comics, World’s Greatest Detective, Batman. This year the Dark Knight celebrates his 75th Anniversary and DC has just revealed an all new action figure line by the insanely talented Greg Capullo which centers around the Caped Crusader.