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Motion Sickness Anti Nausea Bracelets by AcupressureBracelets

AkuFeel is one of a growing number of medical end-use products that exploit 3D printing to be sold to the general public at an affordable price outside the 3D print shop paradigm. Decomed Design has created the AkuFeel anti-nausea bracelet, which combines a contemporary design and functionality — it is stylish, effective and 3D printed!

All the decorative parts of AkuFeel are made of polyamide and produced in Sweden with one of the most well-established 3D printing production processes: Laser Sintering (LS). Decomed Design decided to add a twist to the anti-nausea bracelets market given the need for more aesthetically appealing bracelets — double functionality — AkuFeel can be used as an anti-nausea bracelet and as a regular bracelet without the acupressure ball.

Motion Sickness & Nausea Relief Bracelets in Baldwinsville, NY 13027

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  • Motion Sickness Anti Nausea Bracelets

    Motion Sickness Anti Nausea Bracelets for use with all symptoms of nausea from seasickness, carsickness, morning sickness, vertigo and more. Wear them properly and they work for most people.

    "Crystal Vision" ~ A sparkling combination of large black glass beads, faceted crystal glass beads and shiny, high quality, lead-free, tarnish resistant sterling silver-filled beads (small black beads are high quality acrylic and premium small glass black beads are available) ~ Effective, drug-free nausea relief bracelets in classic black with sparkling crystal