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Girls Native American Princess Costume

Native American Teen Princess Costume will have you equipped for adventure in a tan cropped top with beaded fringe and geometric design trim, a matching tan skirt, fringed boot covers and an Indian head band with the same geometric pattern. Please note, wig, purse, bow, and jewelry are not included. This Indian Costume for girls is available in Teen One size (Fits up to size 9).

Girls just wanna have fun! Delight your Teen with this Native American Princess Teen Costume for Girls. Squaw Maidens and Indian Princesses are the stuff of Popular Culture and Disney Magic, so why not give your Teenager the gift of Native American History with this awesome Indian Princess Costume? This Indian Costume isn't just suitable for Halloween Dress-Up and just about any other event that calls for a costume--Thanksgiving, Sporting Events, School Projects, Theatrical Plays, Recitals, Re-Enactments and so much more! Give a nod to American Indian Culture with this sweet and lovely Native American Princess Teen Costume!

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Native American Princess Costume - Halloween Costume includes light brown dress with dark brown fringe detailing and eagle at chest with gems, matching brown belt and headband. Please note feather, tomahawk, bracelet, bag and shoes are not included. This Indian costume for girls is available in child size Small (4-6), Medium (8-10), and Large (12-14).

There's no debate: little girls love to play dress up. Our Girls Native American Princess costume opens up a whole new world of adventure for your little girl. Outfitted like a Native American, your child can imagine wild adventures as she runs free on the plains or canoes through rushing rivers! She's the daughter of a great chief and lives in a tepee, and her brother might be a mighty warrior. This princess recognizes the calls of all the birds and the paw prints of all the animals - who are her dear friends, of course. She can sneak through the forest without leaving any trace of her presence. Who would not be proud of such a strong and resourceful daughter? The costume can be used not only for Halloween, but also for school festivals and Thanksgiving pageants. The dress design and the necklace with its blue beads and bear claw will remind your child of the movie Pocahontas, but the costume also uses elements from many tribes. You can learn about the buckskin, the fringe, and the embroidery of the costume along with your daughter!