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You've seen the movie Despicable Me as a family so many times, you can quote it around the dinner table. Why not have fun and giggles dressing up as the show-stealing yellow minion characters from the movie for a costume party or for Halloween? Start off by casting Dad as Minion Dave, the one who can take charge of everything without getting into any trouble (hopefully). Next, have Mom dress as Lady Minion in her blue overalls and yellow shirt. For the kids in your family, we have Minion Jorge costumes for children as well as female minion outfits just like Mom's. Don't leave Fido behind – dress your pooch in our minion dog costume and you'll be the hit of the party.

As a fiercely loyal subject of Gru's, is against everything the is for. These two costumes are great if you want to play bad guy versus good guy. Minion Dave is known for teasing the Purple Minion for how he says words and his response to being teased with a banana. Two friends can have a great time at a costume party getting into trouble dressed as these characters.

Purple minion Dave despicable me 2 (evil minion) ..

Minion Dave Figure

Minion Dave figure
Price US: $5.95[1]
Size 1 3/16in x 1 3/16in
Creators Thinkway
Distributor Universal

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When it comes to taking center stage, is always found. He loves attention and has a sentimental domestic side. During the movies, Minion Dave takes on a pet UFO, develops a crush on Lucy, is involved in decorating the house for a party, and often is the instigator for Gru's plans. He is frequently picked on by the other minions due to his blunders, but he will sidle up to Gru ahead of the rest of the minion pack for a goodnight kiss.

Dress as Minion Dave, the center of attention. Or as Minion Jorge, the naughty giggler. We also have purple minion costumes from Despicable Me 2 for adults as well as children who want to play an evil character for a night of trick-or-treating or to attend a costume party. If you want the entire family to participate in the minion fun, dress Fido in our Despicable Me minion dog costume and one of the kids as the innocent Agnes who stole everyone's heart. Put her black hair in a ponytail shooting straight up into the air. With these group costumes, you'll be set for a night of mischievous, impulsive and playful fun, especially when away from the supervision of Gru.