Madd Gear Team Edition Scooter, Purple

Madd Gear USA Whip Scooter, Black, 1000cm



Madd Gear Pro complete scooters, including the popular line-up and the . MGP Scooters are well known, greatly respected, and in high demand. Their strong, heavy-duty construction and impressive pedigree have attracted pro riders such as Ryan Williams, Terry Price, Chandler Dunn, and Jeremy Malott to the MGP pro team. With entry-level scooters such as the Flow and VX4 Pro, all the way to pro level scooters like the VX4 Team, VX4 Nitro, and VX4 Extreme, MGP has every rider covered. No matter what your level or price point, you will find high quality parts and gear made to perform.

Skate Parks and Super Villians be warned these Scooters are here to save the day! This unique Collaboration from Madd Gear Pro Scooters and Marvel offer not just top of the line quality but Super savings as well.

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    About Madd Gear Pro:
    Madd Gear is the second largest scooter company in the world and a true pioneer in the sport of pro scootering. The new 2015 MGP VX5 Scooters are Madd Gear's flagship products. Madd Gear is a truly international brand, sponsoring pro teams in the US, UK, Europe and Australia. Madd Gear decks, such as the MGP MFX Scooter deck, are highly sought after for their durability and great looks. With the work they do sponsoring events, judging competitions and giving back to the community, Madd Gear is a leader in bringing pro scooter culture to the world.

    Attractive and full of top notch freestyle features, the Madd Gear Team Self Balancing Scooter is made of high quality materials that will hold up during the most dangerous tricks. This scooter is made to hold up under nearly any weight, making it perfect for any size child. The new flex break system provides more safety and the ability for a much better ride. Get a here.