9 Cool Lego Creator Sets for Imaginative Makers

LEGO Creator Toy and Grocery Shop


LEGO Creator Sets: 31034 Future Flyers NEW

As is tradition with these LEGO Creator animals sets, there are alternate builds for both the LEGO animals in this set. The frog can be rebuilt as a LEGO chameleon, which should be a very popular alt-build for fans of Disney’s Tangled (if anyone remembers that, now that Frozen made it old news).

has revealed images on the new LEGO Creator sets for the 2013 Fall lineup. The Fall lineup consists of 3 new sets, which all will be available in August 2013. Which LEGO Creator set is your favorite?

LEGO Creator Sets: 31019 Forest Animals NEW

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LEGO Creator Sets: 5892 Sonic Boom NEW

The 31036 LEGO Toy and Grocery Shop set is part of the 2015 LEGO Creator sets wave, and is due out in stores around January 2015. This particular type of LEGO Creator set tends to be more popular than most of the other sets in the theme, so it may be a little bit troublesome to find at first (particularly if it manages to arrive in some stores before the holidays). I’ll post an update to once the LEGO 31036 Toy and Grocery Shop arrives in retail stores, so be sure to ‘Like’ us on Facebook if you don’t already.

Due to the fact that it’s a non-licensed theme that often doesn’t include minifigures, many of the LEGO Creator theme sets tend to be tragically underrated in LEGO fandom. was one of my favorite sets that I found before the holidays last fall, and I really wasn’t sure that LEGO was going to be able to top that adorable duo of the LEGO Monkey and Toucan.