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Infants will enjoy spinning the LeapFrog Discovery Ball

Please visit my Product Review page to see my review on the Leapfrog Discovery Ball. Jacob has enjoyed playing with this ball since he’s been about six months old.

My kids just got a bucket of hand-me-down toys from a friend. In this bucket was the Leapfrog discovery ball which needs new batteries. Does anyone know how to remove the ball from the stand? It has a release button, but that doesn't seem to be doing it. I know the battery cover is inside the...

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This is a Growing Little Ones toy review of the LeapFrog Discovery Ball. This is a really neat Alphabet toy. LeapFrog also has a spinning alphabet zoo ball that is similar to this toy. Here is a link if you want to see that toy: . The LeapFrog Alphabet Discovery Ball detaches from it's stand so kids can roll it around on the ground. This toy also plays a different nursery rhyme or folk song for each letter of the alphabet in music mode.
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There is a lot to be said for a toy that can make it through two children and dozens of playdates. We purchased the LeapFrog Discovery Ball a few years ago to help our daughter learn the alphabet. She loved it and used it daily for a long time. We put it away and forgot about it until my son was almost a year old. He has now inherited the discovery ball and it's just as good as new. It doesn't just teach the basic ABC's, although that alone would be worth the money. Each of the letters plays a tune when pushed. The first letter of the song's title is the letter that you push. We have had a lot of fun teaching our little ones these fun songs. In this way, the toy really grows with the child. It also has a volume adjusting switch so that you can make it quiet if needed. This is perfect to perch on top of the high chair but you can also remove it from the base and make it into a true ball. The batteries seem to last and last in this toy. Overall we're really happy with it and would purchase it as a gift without hesitation.