I would also love the lalaloopsy doll snowy fairest.

Lalaloopsy Large Doll - Snowy Fairest


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A doll with a doll. This ball jointed doll takes hold of Mini Lalaloopsy Snowy Fairest in her arms. This is indeed a simple image of affection for dolls.

Lalaloopsy Snowy Fairest - was sewn 1st December (Eat a Red Apple Day) from Snow White's Dress. Snowy Fairest is a very friendly girl who is good at keeping the house spick and span. She likes to clean up messes during her spare time, while her favorite things are apples (especially the red ones), and being the prettiest of them all. Which may possibly mean she's slightly narcasstic or self-centered... She has a pet squirrel.

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    This is a brand new 3" inch tall Mini Lalaloopsy Tales Snowy Fairest Doll, Series 7, Vol. Mini Lalaloopsy- 3” doll in original package. Doll will be mailed in a bubble wrap envelope.
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    Sew magic into your kid's world with Lalaloopsy Snowy Fairest. This collectible doll is the fairest of them all in her pretty frock and big red bow.

    All you know the beautiful story about the prettiest girl Snow White and evil queen who wanted to be the pretties of them all. Kids loves stories with a happy end too and of course they all love this interesting story about the beauty and the prince who safe her from evil queen and all live long and happy. MGA Entertainment the manufacturer of Lalaloopsy dolls decided to make this story true and designed new mini Lalaloopsy doll Snowy Fairest. She looks like Snow White with her pale skin and black hair. She also has black buttons for eyes and pink cheeks. Snowy wears short fluffy dress with pink top and yellow bottom, her shoes are also pink in color, she wears them with a pair of white socks. Her best friends is a team of 7 little gnomes who like to take care of their princess. Also Snowy has one best friend and pet at the same time, it’s little brown squirrel with button eyes. This squirrel is the most funniest squirrel in the world, she likes to play with Snowy and bring something tasty for her every morning, it can be berry or flower or jar of jam or something else, but sooner or anything else she brings red apples because Snowy Fairest adores red apples, she even has apple pattern on her skirt.