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Carrom 2.01 Champion Nok-Hockey Game, Standard


Popular Nok-Hockey game with durable wooden two-player board

Building a knock hockey game can be as simple as you want to make it. There are many plans offered over the internet for free that are adequate, but they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. I spent a lot of hours developing my knock hockey boards. I don’t make them now, but I do offer the plans I developed after hours and hours in the shop refining the heirloom boards I sold for a few years. I still have hopes of bringing my special board back to life. In the photos you can see the workmanship and care that went into one of my knock hockey wooden game boards.

So all you do it yourselfers… good luck with all the free available plans out there and the information I added to make your knock hockey dream board come true. You can purchase my plans by clicking on the navigation bar for the plans. You won’t be sorry.

Carrom 20.01 Nok-Hockey Game, Large.

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  • Carrom Nok-Hockey Large Game Board