The following is instep safari double jogging stroller review.

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The InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller has been a long time popularity as a best double jogging strollers in the current baby strollers market. For most active parents, strolling while running or jogging isn’t an easy task. Most standard strollers don’t provide a smooth ride to kids, making it difficult for the parent to successfully control direction. The InStep Safari double jogging stroller provides all of the features that you possibly need to stroll while running with ease. Designed with large back wheels and a swiveling front wheel that can be locked, the stroller is relatively easy to maneuver, keeping your little ones safe and comfortable during the entire ride.

Similar to the , the InStep Safari double jogger stroller has pneumatic air tires, which minimize impact on uneven terrain, ensuring that your kids will stay comfortable. The front wheel can be locked into place to prevent swiveling, which will give you better control over the direction of the stroller. This double baby strollers is equipped with a 5-point harness system added to each seat, which can be adjusted to provide a comfortable, custom fit to your kids, ensuring that they will stay properly secured while you’re running.

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The large, 16-inch back wheels of the InStep Safari double jogging stroller will also contribute to the running performance of the model. Due to being larger than the front wheel, they enhance maneuvering, providing a smooth ride and effortless pushing. The handle is rubberized to ensure a firm grip, preventing the handle from slipping off your hands. If you want to keep a bottle of water or your favorite energy drink within easy reach, you can make use of the parent tray, which will nicely accommodate your drink of choice in one of the two cup holders.

As for safety, the InStep Safari Double Swivel Stroller is similar to the , featuring the same 5-point harness system that can be adjusted to offer a comfortable, custom fit. When strolling while you’re running, safety is of utmost importance, especially if the terrain is uneven. Bumps can cause the stroller to tip, propelling your kids forward – and if the harness system is not properly secured, their safety is at stake. Thankfully, this isn’t a reason of concern with the InStep Safari double jogger stroller, which offers an effective harness system with 5 points that ensures secure buckling.