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October 2015 "Time Travel" LootCrate Exclusive Back to the Future II Hover Board 1:5 Scale Replica

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Hoverboard Toys DO NOT Work on Water

Looking for Hoverboards at Toys'rus? Well they wont be carrying this hoverboard until maybe after the holidays! Use discount code HOVER1 to receive promotional discount now!

The Mattel hoverboard doesn't actually hover as it's only a 1:1 replica of the movie version but that's okay! It's still a must have piece for any BTTF fan. The ad for the BTTF hoverboard at Toy Fair claims its "movie accurate" (there's a hole where Marty ripped off the pole) and can "glide over most surfaces" (though it doesn't work on water, heh). I've previously held out on buying unofficial hoverboard replicas because I was waiting for Mattel to come out with an official version. Now that it's finally here, I'm beyond excited.

how to make rc hoverboard toy (homemade project)

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This is the Back To The Future levitating hoverboard desktop toy ($40). It floats on a series of rare earth magnets and will hover back and forth after given a push. Sadly, it is probably the closest many of us will ever come to getting to play with a real hoverboard. Even sadder, some of us won't even get to play with one of these because $40 is $40 and lunch and dinner don't buy themselves no matter how many times you insist you're a crooked food critic who's willing to exchange a favorable review for free appetizers.

Another hoverboard toy exploded and caught fire in Louisiana. A Prairieville family said one of the battery-powered, skateboard-like devices caught fire while it was charging in their living room, television.