Hot Wheels 9-Car Gift Pack (Styles May Vary)


Hot Wheels Star Wars Diecast Assortment

Here's a set to surprise and delight any car lover!
Since 1968, Hot Wheels cars have thrilled the kids who grow up with them, and the adults who collect them.
Get a piece of that high-octane joy for yourself, or give it to someone who loves awesomely detailed cars in 1:64 scale.
Actual vehicles shipped may differ from those pictured.

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Slated to launch in October, the Hot Wheels AI is priced at $99.

  • Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 Fused Season 2 Episode 3 Battleship 5
  • From 1970 Hot Wheels Racing World magazine. Courtesy .

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    Well I already said Beast Wars, but I always loved Hot Wheels and Lego when I was little because I could make the craziest stuff ever. There were no limitations. You could build castles or the craziest race tracks and make the car do loops and smash into each other. I think far too many toys today are too straight forward and don’t really let kids heads wander or look outside the box.