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Which 2015 Hot Wheels Set Is the Best Gift

The new traveling exhibit is called "Race To Win" and will open to the public tomorrow. The 4,500 square foot exhibit is pretty cool for kids and will help them understand the science of racing. It includes a pit stop challenge where kids can change tires, and fill up a fuel tank on a race car. There is also a Formula 1 racing simulator where children can see what it feels like to be in a race car, along with archives from actual race cars. And who could forget about Hot Wheels? There are Hot Wheels tracks set up across the exhibit to race cars on.

rtificial Intelligence has literally been the buzz word lately with every OEM and app maker trying to employ the same. While some might argue that AI has been an overkill it is still a technology that is going to change the way the World works. Well, Mattel seems to have taken the cue and has announced its own AI Toys. HotWheels has been one of the most memorable parts of our childhoods and the HotWheels set with the loop tracks was something we yearned for.

Hot Wheels City Sets Tow & Tune - Unboxing and Review

  • Mega action and big adventures can be found in the biggest Hot Wheels garage EVER
  • Features multiple action zones including a chomping shark, tune-up shop and gas station
  • Parking spots for 36 cars and play space for more
  • Offers tons of imaginative play for kids
  • Connects to other Hot Wheels track sets (sold separately)
  • Comes with five Hot Wheels vehicles plus a helicopter for instant fun
  • Battery Required: 3 x AA (Not Included)

1968 Hot Wheels Track Sets Summary

I could probably buy it off e-Bay now, but it wouldn't be the same. Besides, Hot Wheels is offering these days, and they don't get more attractive than the Hot Wheels AI racing system. Being overwhelmed with information about self-driving cars, the first thing you'll probably notice is the "AI" bit. Indeed, the Hot Wheels set does come with some sort of "artificial intelligence," but it's the good kind.

Boys always want bigger and better competitive action, and the Ultimate Drag Strip Trackset delivers! The longest, side-by-side Hot Wheels racing set ever, it features over 9 feet of competition on classic orange track. Challenge your friends to a pro style battle! A fair start signals the beginning of the race and a clear flag indicates the winner's lane. When the races are finished for the day, boys can store the orange track in the launcher to take anywhere and compete everywhere. This track set also connects to other sets so kids can race their friends or build out their Hot Wheels Race experience. Ages 4 and older.