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Harvey the Crane Engine and Friends

The miracle of science was called “Rosie” and quietly brought into service. Where two machines replicated, the others followed, sometimes across types. A one-night stand between Cranky the Crane and Arthur resulted in Harvey the Crane Engine, and Trevor the Traction Engine begat a whole crew of quarry machines during a holiday romance with a lawnmower. Within five years, steam engines outnumbered human inhabitants of the island.

Here's the current progress being made on my new build, Harvey the Crane Engine!

You can find more info and see more progress being made on the project via our new facebook page, the model is being made using a Hornby 'pug' as the chassis donor, with other bits used from wooden and trackmaster models, the body is going to be scratchbuilt with thanks to Skarloeyfan, for supplying me with the plans of the crane arm.

Facebook Link:

Harvey the Crane Engine - Heroes Wiki - Wikia

Harvey The Crane Engine
Number 27
Class Crane Engine
Livery Burgundy
Line Tidmouth-Barrow-in-Furness mainline
Built Unknown
Affiliations Crane Engine
Designers Unknown
First Appearance Harvey To The Rescue
Voice Actors Keith Wickham (UK/US)

Harvey the Crane Engine - Thomas & Friends Wiki - Wikia