Gold Pickaxes can break and blocks.

Minecraft Transforming Gold Sword/Pick Axe


Yay! You're now following gold mining pick axe in your .

The Gold Pickaxe is a . It is overall better than the but still worse than its . Like all pickaxes it has limited durability and cannot be repaired. The Gold Pickaxe can be crafted by the player, sold by , and found in deep underground.

The Gold Pickaxe is the fourth tier of , being one tier above the and one tier below the and two below the . Like all , it is used to mine a majority of and . The Gold Pickaxe can also be used to mine , and . However, it is incapable of mining , , , , dungeon bricks and .

Gold pickaxes now mine certain materials much faster

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    Your Avatar starts off with a Stone Pickaxe, which can only mine basic material such as , , and . Iron Pickaxes mine more material than stone pickaxes, such as iron, coal, copper, , and rock. Gold Pickaxes are better than Iron Pickaxes because it can mine everything except . A Diamond Pickaxe is required to mine . A Gold Pickaxe, Diamond Pickaxe or a Bloodstone Pickaxe are required to mine Diamond. Bloodstone pickaxes are the fastest and strongest pickaxes in the game. All pickaxes will mine slower if they are used to break , , , or . Pickaxes can also be used for basic melee defense, but are relatively weak and can break while in combat. It is always recommended to have a pickaxe on you for such things as mining.

    A Gold pickaxe is the 3rd strongest pickaxe n the game. Most people get confused and think it can mine Bloodstone but it originally can't mine . It, along with the Diamond Pickaxe and the Bloodstone Pickaxe, doesn't require any to create and instead require previous teir materials, iron.