NECA to Release Classic Godzilla Toys

TANZKY® 10pcs Mini Godzilla Dinosaur Toys

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NECA to Release Classic Godzilla Toys

Anyway, Godzilla toys and Godzilla action figures are a huge hit on , and in my mind this is the first place you should look (shocker, no doubt). Great deals can be found there. Below are the most recent eBay listings for Godzilla toys:

The cool thing about the Godzilla toys and action figures that you can find on eBay and Amazon is that they are suitable for kids and serious collectors alike–there’s something for everyone on these huge sites. Whether you’re a fan from the first days of Ishiro Honda’s 1954 breakthrough tokusatsu film or you’re new to the whole Godzilla realm, you can definitely find some cheap Godzilla toys through the above sources I’ve mentioned.

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The epic 2014 Gareth Edwards film “Godzilla” is making waves all around the world, and for good reason: It’s been a while since humanity has had a chance to enjoy scenes of massive destruction done by something other than robots or Marvel-invented villains. Without a doubt, Godzilla is the undisputed King of Monsters, and the bearing the same name has inspired a surge in the popularity of Godzilla-themed toys of all kinds. While there is no shortage of toys inspired by the mega-lizard, it is a little more difficult to find , as retailers everywhere are no doubt chomping at the bit to offer all kinds of Godzilla-inspired toys for retail markups that rival the lizard’s size. This is why it’s necessary for folks like me to bring a voice of sanity in the midst of the hysteria (to be modest about it, right?), cut through the noise, and present the best places on the Web to find inexpensive Godzilla toys, to delight the wallets of parents and the imaginations of children everywhere. This is my goal. This is my dream. This is my passion. Okay, overdoing it just a little.

Our son already loves anything Godzilla. I thought it would be fun to look into what other Godzilla toys are coming out in 2014 — both for the Godzilla 2014 movie and the classic Godzilla movies.