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Cute playhouses also make great gifts for 2 year old girls!

Play kitchens are great gifts for 2 year old girls and boys. She will love playing with plastic foods, pots, and spoons. Place the play kitchen in the real kitchen so that your child can watch and imitate you as you prepare dinner.
Pretend that you are at a restaurant. Give the child an apron or chef’s hat and let her pretend to cook a meal for you. Or put a blanket or beach towel on the floor and pretend to be on a picnic with all of her stuffed toys and dolls.
Make sure that all of the pieces in the play kitchen are large enough to prevent choking and have no sharp edges.

2 year olds can sing simple songs. They love to move to music. Great gifts for 2 year old girls or boys are CDs or videos of silly songs for children. Get a musical band set with a tambourine, bell, and small drum. This will be her favorite gift.

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  • Fun Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Girls

    Educational Toys Planet presents its collection of the Best Gifts for 2 Year Old Girls. All our learning toys will encourage your little girl's curiosity, discovery, and creativity. And these top picks were specifically chosen by us to make a great educational and memorable gift for the special 2 Year Old Birthday Girl. She is smarter, busier and funnier every day. She is becoming a little girl and loves bright colors, fun sounds and stimulating sensory experiences. She is beginning to talk and make her wants and needs known and is expanding her horizons and becoming more aware of her surroundings with each new experience. The best gifts for 2 year old girls are toys that will inspire an early zest for knowledge that she will carry with her into adulthood and beyond. Each toy you provide her should be carefully chosen for her needs and education. Our site provides the best of the best in educational and learning toys so that you can be sure that she is getting just what she needs. Whether she is mastering spatial skills, working on cause and effect or learning new vocabulary, your little one is developing new skills every second. The best gifts for a 2 year old girl are not always the most expensive or flashiest gifts but toys that will provide her opportunities to try new things. She will love creating with our beginning craft kits, harnessing her brain power with our memory game or building with our wide array of block and magnet sets. You will love watching her blossom and learn.

    Buying gifts for children can be very difficult especially if you are not a parent of if you do not know many things about kids. When the gift is for a 2 years old baby girl then things can be even more complicated. At this age they are basically bigger babies. You have to be very careful what to choose in order not to be dangerous and you must find something useful and attractive.