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14. : As far as toys for 10 year olds go, you can’t go wrong with a board game. Dohdles, looks like a good contender. Think of creating a doodle out of dough and then having people try to guess what it is. That’s Dohdles. It’s the sort of board game that will teach kiddos how to solve problems, think strategically and fire up their creativity. A fun Christmas gift for 10 year olds who like making stuff and playing with puzzles.

They’ll get a kick out of this Avengers Iron Man rechargeable speaker. If Iron Man isn’t a fave, choose from other popular characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Spongebob Squarepants, the Hulk, Hello Kitty and a few others. Which ever character you decide to go for, we’re sure, they’ll make top gifts for 10 year olds when Christmas rolls round.

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    12. : You’ve probably noticed that at this age, 10 year olds are looking to find their own style. They can be picky, but usually whatever is trending is considered hot property. I just love this backpack as a gift for a 10 year old. It’s practical, pretty rad and has that hipster vibe that is so in right now. A gift pick to catch the eye of quirky cool kids.

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