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Beat the Boss 4


GamesBeat: Do think there are some things you can’t do now?

Above: Francisco "TheGameHuntah" Albornoz (left), Marco Mereu of Roostr, and Jesse Divnich of Tilting Point at the GamesBeat Roadshow on influencers in New York.

GamesBeat: Some of that leads to a certain amount of intimidation on its own, though. “Oh, I don’t want to start a 300-hour game.”

GamesBeat: Do you like playing it in Twitch, things like that?

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  • GamesBeat: What do you have more fun working on these days?

    GamesBeat recently held two “road show” events on mobile gaming influencers in New York and Seattle. At each event, we discussed the rise of influencers and their impact on marketing in the $34 billion mobile gaming market.

    GamesBeat: Is there ever a point where you’d try to bring an end to a game like Civilization? Maybe you’d want them to stop at 300 hours or something.