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Deluxe Light Up Flutterbye Fairy - Rainbow


Key Features of the Flutterbye Flying Fairy

Have you ever imagined a flying fairy in your house? If you have your imagination can come to life with the Flutterbye Flying Fairies! These colorful fairies soar through the air and are guided with only your palms.

Let your imagination soar with Flutterbye Flying Fairy as she magically flies, guided by the palm of your hand. She gracefully launches from her decorative display stand and can be stopped with the push of a button. There’s never been a more magical experience. Introducing Rainbow Mist and Raindrop coming in Fall 14.

Unlock the magical dancing of Flutterbye Dance & Fly Fairies.

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    Flying Fairies by FlutterbyeTM are the only magical fairies that really fly! Watch as they gracefully fly through the air, guided only by your hand. They are so easy to control and come with a beautiful display stand for charging and launching the fairy. Requires 6xAA batteries (not included). For ages 6 years and over.