Have a manual for Fisher Price I Can Play Piano Systems?

Fisher-Price I Can Play Piano System


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Learn to play the fun way with the Fisher Price I Can Play Piano system. Plugs directly into your TV set (via RC cables) and you're away! Read music in 4 easy steps and play each song 4 different ways!

3) What about the basics? Now, this Fisher Price I Can Play piano IS a toy. Its not meant to replace basic piano instruction. However, they do make claims that it will teach your child to play the piano. This system MAY teach your child how to hunt and peck out a tune. Teach them how to read music? No. Teach them how and where to properly place their hands? Nope, not that either. Even though this doesn't replace human instruction I do think that it would help kids playing this if they were shown proper hand placement, even briefly - in the "how to" section of the Piano Favorites cartridge. And as for reading notes - this appears to be a big "leap" that they hope kids will make on their own when moving from the simple modes 1 and 2, to mode 3 and finally 4.


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